Israel’s largest community of senior female engineers and computer scientists.

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CTO Forum

The CTO forum provides a safe space for authentic discussions on the challenges and wins of founding and running a tech company. The meetups include knowledge sharing, open discussions, reflection and collaborative problem solving.

Senior R&D Managers Forum

A group of VP R&Ds, Directors and Group Managers who meet on a monthly basis to discuss the unique challenges that these positions introduce and learn from each other’s experience.

Tech Leads and Architects Forum

A group of architects and tech leads who meet to discuss the unique challenges that these positions introduce and learn from each other’s experience.


Finding Your Next Job

This program provides each job seeker with an experienced mentor in her field, simulations of technical interviews, and bi-monthly meetups, to provide information and support throughout the entire process - perfecting her CV, choosing the right position, salary negotiating, and more.

Step Up

A mentorship program aimed to provide direction and allow knowledge sharing between our more experienced community members, and our members who want to navigate their career to a different direction or in a different pace.


30 Hours

Participants invest 30 hours (over 4 months) to further their knowledge in a new field, by building a personal project or a group project with a professional mentor. They then share what they learned and built at an exciting meetup.

Writing Professional Blogs

An exclusive quarterly Friday meetup, in which a group of preselected participants write technical blog posts while receiving coaching on different aspects of writing a blog - from creating a good story to customizing platforms.

Navigating Workplace Politics

An intimate forum focusing on solving dilemmas from the workplace, such as dealing with colleagues, managers, personal growth, pay, and many more. Participants raise issues they are dealing with and the forum suggests insights and ideas to improve her situation.

Speaker Mentorship

A bi-annual program aimed to increase female representation among conference speakers. Each speaker is paired with two experienced mentors who guide her through all the stages from the CFP until the final presentation.

Managers Training

A series of talks from our community members who are experienced managers, to engineering managers who want to improve their skills and meet with other managers.

Clean Code

A series of meetups where the community members give tech talks on various topics in the area of clean code, architecture, design patterns, testing, and more.

Code Fest

A yearly event where 120 engineers and data scientists get together for a festival of learning. In the 2019 event we held 4 workshops: Threat Hunt, Blockchain, Python for Microcontrollers and Closure.

Beer & Networking

A casual meetup with beers and snacks for the women of Baot to have a great time, talk about life in tech, make connections and build a professional network.


Meet-up for community members that work with NodeJS.

Data Nights

In collaboration with DataHack, we host a series of meetings for data scientists, in which they solve together challenges from Kaggle.

Hack Nights

Every month we meet to work on our side project and personal professional growth.


Ran Tavory, Reversim

"Baot" is an amazing community of female software engineers that succeeds year after year to motivate women from the industry to take an active part in key technological events.

As the founder of Reversim Summit I am grateful for the amount lecturers and attendees that this community has provided.

The results are visible to all, but behind the scenes a great deal of appreciated work is put into mentoring and professional development.

Amit Zur, JavaScript Israel

Goodess Squad is a monthly event by Javascript Israel where developers meet to contribute to open source projects together.

We set a goal of having a substantial participation of women, and by collaborating with "Baot" we added 2 women members to the organizing team, and raised participation from 0% to 20% on average in following events, as well as having a woman mentor an open source project.

Genady Okrain, Tel Aviv Coffee

One of my goals as the organizer of Tel Aviv Coffee is diversity within our group.

It was challenging bringing different people together, specifically getting more woman to join.

When "Baot" discovered the meetings, the number of women attendees doubled - With the new group of people came new and interesting ideas to discuss and made the meetings more interesting for everyone.


Shira Navama

Senior Software Engineer
at Fiverr

Shiri Semo

Senior Software Engineer
at Via

Masha Gutman

Senior Software Engineer,
Tech Lead at Facebook

Dafna Mordechai

Senior Embedded Software Engineer at Atomation

Shani Frankel

Senior Product Designer
at and Extend

Hila Noga

CTO & Co-founder
at Lynx.MD

Natasha Chernyavsky

Senior Software Engineer,
Architect at Oribi

Ophir Harpaz

Security Researcher
at Guardicore

Julia Vishnevsky

at Millentrix

Dalya Gartzman

Senior Algorithm Engineer
at SiteAware

Michal Trudler

Senior Software Engineer
at Facebook

Miri Curiel

Tech Management Expert

Shir Matishevski

Senior Software Engineer
at Natural Intelligence

Ifat Koller

Senior Software Engineer
at Cloudinary

Lena Kaplan

Senior Software Engineer
at SimilarWeb

Liron Kreiss

Senior Software Engineer
at Cybereason

Yael Cohen Haramaty

Founder & CTO
at Tailor-ED

Meshi Haiman

Engineering Manager
at Yahoo

Shirly Biniashvili

Senior Software Engineer
at Sisense

Iris Altman

Senior Software Engineer
at Lightricks

Niki Tarablus

Senior Software Engineer
at vCita

Shani Gershtein

Senior NLP Data Scientist
at GE Healthcare

Inbal Porat

Dev Manager
at Akamai Technologies

Yael Daihes

Data Science Team Lead
at Akamai Technologies

Gal Hever

Senior Data Scientist
at CYou Retail

Maya Faifer

at ComBtas

Maayan Shekel-Hanan

at SiteAware

Maayan Lahav

Senior Software Engineer
at Via

Shif Ben Avraham

Software Engineer

Amit Weil

Data Science Team Leader
at Simplex

Shir Meir Lador

Data Science Leader
at Intuit

Sharon Rosenfeld

Lead Software Engineer
at Protected Media

Mor Goren

Senior Algorithms Engineer
at Mellanox

Shani Levy

Senior Software Engineer
at Red Hat



Avital Zipori

Senior Software Engineer,
Tech Lead at Google

Netta Bondy

Senior Software Engineer
at Tikal

Dafna Rosenblum

Tech Director
at ApeGroup

Carine-Belle Feder

Senior Software Engineer
at Clear

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