Israel’s largest community of senior female engineers and computer scientists.

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Finding Your Next Job

A special meetup every two months where we will share the knowledge about job searching that was gathered in our community, and connect the participants with mentors for CV and LinkedIn profile review, as well as guide them on salary negotiation and organizing the interview process. We will also hold simulations of technical interviews.

Growing Your Career

The program consists of a quarterly meetup in which women share their progress and what they have learned, and will receive guidance from experienced professionals as to how they can use these projects to create new career paths. During intervals, the women will work in pairs or small groups to fulfill the goals they have pre-determined for themselves.

Writing Professional Blogs

An exclusive quarterly Friday meetup, in which a group of preselected women will receive coaching on different aspects of writing a blog - from creating a good story to customizing platforms. The project will be held in collaboration with TheMarker tech section, which will also publish some of the blogs.

Open Meetups

"Baot" is a secret Facebook group, invite-based only. We want to allow women from other circles to join us, by hosting public meetups where our community members will give tech talks. The events will be published in a dedicated Meetup group. The first event is planned to September 2017.

Navigating The Workplace

The program consists of meeting in small groups to develop tools and strategies for handling workplace dilemmas, enabling the participants to drive their career forward.


Ran Tavory, Reversim

"Baot" is an amazing community of female software engineers that succeeds year after year to motivate women from the industry to take an active part in key technological events.

As the founder of Reversim Summit I am grateful for the amount lecturers and attendees that this community has provided.

The results are visible to all, but behind the scenes a great deal of appreciated work is put into mentoring and professional development.

Goodess Squad is a monthly event by Javascript Israel where developers meet to contribute to open source projects together.

We set a goal of having a substantial participation of women, and by collaborating with "Baot" we added 2 women members to the organizing team, and raised participation from 0% to 20% on average in following events, as well as having a woman mentor an open source project.

Genady Okrain, Tel Aviv Coffee

One of my goals as the organizer of Tel Aviv Coffee is diversity within our group.

It was challenging bringing different people together, specifically getting more woman to join.

When "Baot" discovered the meetings, the number of women attendees doubled - With the new group of people came new and interesting ideas to discuss and made the meetings more interesting for everyone.


Shira Navama

Software Engineer at Fiverr

Shiri Semo

Tech Lead at Applied Materials

Masha Gutman

Software Engineer at Facebook

Dafna Mordechai

Embedded Software Engineer at Atomation

Shifra Ben Avraham

Software Engineer at Oracle Ravello

Carine-Belle Feder

Software Engineer at Oracle Ravello

Hemdat Dittman

Software Engineer at Armis Security

Shani Frankel

Senior Product Designer at Colu,
Designer at Extend

Hila Noga

CTO at HelloHeart

Karen Cohen

Product Architect and Manager at Wix



Hila Noga

CTO at HelloHeart

Inbar Naor

Data Scientist at Taboola

Pola Abram

Software Engineer at Facebook

Gefen Naar

Software Engineer at Facebook

Tzipi Zanyovka

Software Engineer at Waze

Sivan Hizkiev

Software Engineer at Zebra Medical

Noga Rotman

PHD Candidate at HUJI

Noam Antebi

Software Engineer at Oracle Ravello

Lital Hassine

Software Engineer at JoyTunes

Michal Stern

Verification Engineer at Intel

Victoria Mazo

Deep Learning Researcher

Ayelet Benjamini

Staff Software Engineering​ Manager at Google

Tal Kellner

Release TPM at Facebook

Adi Saranga

Software Engineer at TaKaDu

Tamar Twena

Development Team Leader and Architect at EdgeVerve

Daniel Shoshan

Full Stack Team Lead at BigPanda

Moran Danieli Cohen

Technical Leader at Cellebrite

Hilla Gardi

Software Engineer at Applied Materials

Ben Bekerman

Software Engineer at Appsee

Asaf Maor

Head of Server development at Tapingo

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