Israel’s largest community of senior software engineers, data scientists and researchers that are women.

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The CTO forum provides a safe space for authentic discussions on the challenges and wins of founding and running a tech company. The meetups include knowledge sharing, open discussions, reflection and collaborative problem solving.


Yael Cohen
Founder & CTO
at Tailor-ED
Founder & ML
at Up.AI

Senior R&D Managers

Two groups of VP R&Ds, Directors and Group Managers who meet on a monthly basis to discuss the unique challenges that these positions introduce and learn from each other’s experience. Read more here.


Image of Miri Curiel
Miri Curiel
Tech Management Expert
Image of Adi Shacham-Shavit
Adi Shacham-Shavit
EVP Engineering at Clear
Image of Denise Schlesinger
Denise Schlesinger
Senior R&D Director (Data and AI) at SentinelOne

Tech Leads and Architects Forum

A group of architects and tech leads who meet to discuss the unique challenges that these positions introduce and learn from each other’s experience. Read more here.


Image of Amit Lichtenberg
Amit Lichtenberg
Tech Lead at Stealth
Image of Sharon Talmor Marcovici
Sharon Talmor Marcovici
Lead Cloud Software Architect, Senior Technical Lead at Intel
Image of Dalia Simons
Dalia Simons
Server Architect at Wix

Technology Team Managers

A community of technology managers from Baot, that includes a facebook group and a meetup every 1-2 months. The forum's goal is to develop its members and expose them to technical management content, and also to be a space for seeking advice.


Amit Weil
Head Of
Data Science
at Simplex
Hilla Gardi
Software Team
Lead at Citi
innovation lab
Karni Wolf
Team Lead
at Snyk



This program matches each job seeker with an experienced mentor in her field, to provide information and support throughout the entire process - perfecting her CV, choosing the right position, salary negotiating, and more. Read more here.


Image of Maria Gorodetski
Maria Gorodetski
Data Scientist
at DayTwo
Image of Liron Kreiss
Liron Kreiss
Team Lead
Image of Ela Avrahami
Ela Avrahami
Founder & CEO
at ML Dome

Image of Rothem Rip
Rothem Rip
Senior Software
Image of Einat Mahat
Einat Mahat
Dev group lead at Skai

Mock Interviews

Every member of our community can register to have a simulation of an interview with one of 100 interviewers that volunteer in this program.


Image of Tom Leibovitz
Tom Leibovitz
Software Engineer
at Microsoft
Image of Nofar Bracha
Nofar Bracha
CTO at Joonko
Image of Tal Haklay
Tal Haklay
M.Sc student in computer science
Image of Einat Mahat
Einat Mahat
Dev group lead at Skai


Every few months we host a meetup where speakers share knowledge about the job search process and participants can meet community members that are in the same status, form study groups together and share experiences.


Yuval Ran
Software Engineer
at Microsoft
Image of Yaara Gradovich
Yaara Gradovich
RnD Team Leader at CyberArk
Image of Rotem Ben Hamo
Rotem Ben Hamo
Software engineer at check point


A three month program where a group of entry level developers looking for a job learn together about job searching from mentors and resources created by community members.


Image of Miri Yehezkel
Miri Yehezkel
Software Developer
at Snyc
Image of Galia Malasa
Galia Malasa
Software Engineer
at Elbit Systems Ltd

Mentors Development

Our team puts time and energy to support our mentors and help them be great mentors. This includes surveys, meetups, and more.


Nitzan Gado
Senior Data Scientist
at Intuit


30 Hours

Participants invest 30 hours (over 4 months) to further their knowledge in a new field, by building a personal project or a group project with a professional mentor. They then share what they learned and built at an exciting meetup. Read more here.


Image of Ifat Koller
Ifat Koller
Backend Developer
at Cloudinary
Image of Shir Matishevski
Shir Matishevski
Senior Fullstack Developer
at Demoleap
Image of Sharon Gur
Sharon Gur
Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
Image of Keren Ben Tov Sher
Keren Ben Tov Sher
Data Science Team Leader at Anaplan
Image of Nofar Diamant
Nofar Diamant
Software Developer at AppsFlyer
Image of Sharon Naftaly
Sharon Naftaly
Software Engineer at Snyk

Writing Tech Blogs

An exclusive quarterly Friday meetup, in which a group of preselected participants write technical blog posts while receiving coaching on different aspects of writing a blog - from creating a good story to customizing platforms. Sponsored by Cloudinary. Read more here.


Image of Danielle Shaul
Danielle Shaul
Co-Founder & CTO at Stealth
Image of Keren Kenzi
Keren Kenzi
Senior Software Engineer at Torii
Image of Ella Sheer
Ella Sheer
Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services
Image of Gene Zeiniss
Gene Zeiniss
Backend Software Engineer, Sensitive Data Management at Intuit

Promoting Women Speakers in Tech Conferences

A program aimed to increase female representation among conference speakers. Meetings include talks from experienced tech speakers from the community and hands-on workshops.


Image of
Yarin Dekel
Frontend Developer at Cloudinary
Image of Mey Maayan Beisaron
Mey Maayan Beisaron
Infrastructure Engineer at Forter

Data Nights

In collaboration with Gal and the team and with DataHack, we host a series of meetings for data scientists, in which they solve together challenges from Kaggle.


Gal Hever
Data Scientist
at VisionMap
Bitya Neuhof
Ph.D. student in Statistics
at HUJI, Data Scientist
Achinoam Soroker
Data Scientist
at Snappy
Noga Gshur
Data Scientist
at ElMindA
Sharon Cooper
Data Scientist
at VomPom

Welcome to Baot

New members of Baot are invited to join a program that provides tools and mentoring to help them become proactive members of the community in specific, and proactive tech-women in general.


Image of Hila Fox
Hila Fox
Software Architect at Augury, AI Group
Image of Hila Fish
Hila Fish
Senior DevOps Engineer at


Workplace Intelligence

Intimate groups where women in various stages of their careers discuss their workplace challenges and help each other find effective solutions. Read more here.


Image of Hila Noga
Hila Noga
Senior Software Engineer
at Google
Image of Inbal Porat
Inbal Porat
Engineering Manager
at Akamai
Image of Inbal Lidan
Inbal Lidan
Security Researcher at Paragon
Image of Hila Amar
Hila Amar
Embedded SW Team Lead
Image of Dalya Gartzman
Dalya Gartzman
Algorithms Engineer
at SiteAware

Baot For Moms

Two groups of moms, one of engineers/DS and one of managers, who are on maternity leave or recently returned to work from a maternity leave, and discuss the challenges of advancing at work while parenting infants.


Image of Netta Bondy
Netta Bondy
Senior Frontend Developer
at Tikal
Image of Stav Barak
Stav Barak
Front End Developer
at Tikal
Image of Sivan (Gilon) Afek
Sivan (Gilon) Afek
Software Engineer
at Waze
Image of Yael Levy
Yael Levy
Manager at
Palo Alto Networks

Career Mentoring

This program allows any Baot member who believes she can help other community members in career aspects, to register as a mentor. The mentors publish their expertise, and other women can register as their mentees. The topics are endless - Specific technologies/languages or just about anything in the Dev/Security/AI/DevOps/etc realms, soft skills such as management, workplace relationships and a lot more.


Image of Anat Rapoport
Anat Rapoport
Group Manager at Panaxia Data Analytics


Beer & Mingling (באות לבירה)

A social meetup, where we all have a chance to meet each other, share some experience, catch up and know better our community while having some snacks and drinking beer. Each meetup takes place at a hosting company’s office.


Shani Levy (Leviim)
Software Engineer
at Red Hat

Security & Low Level

A monthly event, in collaboration with Gardicore, where our community members deepen their knowledge in topics such as operating systems, computer architecture, vulnerability research, exploitation, computer networks, and more.


Mor Matalon
Senior Data Scientist at Nucleai
Ophir Harpaz
Senior Security
at Guardicore


An annual festival of code. This event is where community members celebrate technology by participating in workshops on software development, data science, DevOps, hardware, security and many more. All speakers are community members as well. CodeFest has already taken place three times - twice in-person and once virtually, with the generous sponsorship and hospitality of Microsoft R&D Israel.


Ophir Harpaz
Senior Security
at Guardicore
Keren Kenzi
Senior Software
at Torii
Tom Leibovitz
at Microsoft


Image of Shani Frankel
Shani Frankel
Product Design Group Lead
at Monday
Image of Victoriya Kalmanovich
Victoriya Kalmanovich
Engineering Manager
at Aspectiva
Image of Michal Porag
Michal Porag
Front end
at Outbrain
Image of Ella Sheer
Ella Sheer
Software Engineer at Amazon Web Services
Image of Hadar Franco
Hadar Franco
Engineering Manager
Ophir Harpaz
Senior Security Researcher
at Guardicore
Dafna Mordechai
Senior RT Embedded
Software Engineer
Iris Altman
Engineering Manager
at Lightricks
Shif Ben Avraham
Fullstack Engineer
at Amenity Analytics


Bitya Neuhof
Ph.D. student in Statistics at HUJI, Data Scientist
Shani Gershtein
CDSO & Co-Founder
at Mevidence
Avital Zipori
Staff Software Engineering Manager at Google
Netta Bondy
Senior Frontend Developerat Tikal
Dafna Rosenblum
Engineering Managerat Kry
Carine-Belle Feder
CTO & Co-Founderat Antidote Health
Sivan Afek
Software Engineer at Waze, Google Israel
Sigal Weiner
Software Development Manager, CloudEndure at Amazon Web Services


Check out our newsletters that consist of past interviews with 100+ community members, Pantheon series with content related to women in R&D and more content related to things happening in our great Baot community.

Our mission is to help our members create meaningful careers and thrive at work, and by that to fight the leaky pipeline*.

* Read more about the leaky pipeline here and here.


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